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Laughing Buddha Healing, Mentoring & Custom Malas

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About Laughing Buddha
If you haven't yet received the scoop, we are happy to make it clear to avoid the speculation that tends to run rampant with these types of changes. As some of you know, our building was acquired by a new owner due to foreclosure some time last year.  The new owner leased the unit above us to a church a couple of months ago which has impacted our business greatly.  Many don't even know there is a unit above us, it had been occupied as an office space until the new ownership.  It is not a standard second floor, in this old and in many ways quirky building.  The floor/ceiling between us sounds like simple wood planks allowing the volume of the service for several hours on Sunday to be a great disturbance to our Sunday morning classes as well as now making it impossible for us to use our back massage and healing room on Sundays.  With no agreement between myself and the owner of the building to eliminate the new noise volume on Sundays, we have decided we can no longer enjoy our beautiful space as stated in our lease, with peaceful enjoyment. 
Please stay tuned for the new adventures of Dawn and all of your favorite teachers in the space.  We will keep you updated via our newsletter, and on facebook where we can next connect.  Dawn can still be reached at 206-617-1672 or to schedule sound healing and Reiki appointments as well as to schedule workshops and events.  You will soon find details for Dawn's local spring retreat and fall Bali Yoga retreat.  Please email to let her know if you are interested to insure you are first to receive details.